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Hey all

I'm organising a 3 day tour of Wales on dates above. Would like to get a mixture of different cars together (maximum of 18 cars). Starting at south - heading north. This is an unpaid tour - so people will have to book their own hotels. I'm just doing this to get an eclectic mix of cars together one some awesome roads.

Would be great to have a couple of Astons in the mix. Currently I have seven provisional cars.
Want to confirm peoples attendance by end of Feb.

I'll be one of the guide cars (M2).

1. Shueb C - Me - M2
2. Qasim - RS3 (provisional)
3. MisterCorn - 996 Turbo (provisional) 911UK Forum
4. Fullhouse - (RS6 (provisional) M3 Cutters Forum
5. Mr Tidy - (Z4MC (provisional) Z4 Forum
6. Api330 - (F Type (provisional) M3 Cutter Forum
7. Hanns G - (M4 F83 provisional) M3 Cutters Forum

Any questions - please ask, I am new to this forum and this is my first post.

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