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Hello everyone, this is just a total shot in the dark that I figured I'd post both here and a couple other related forums.

To make a long story short, I am planning a weekend getaway for my girlfriend and I to see a concert and do various other activities in the San Diego area. Ideally I'd get a chance to cruise on up to the Irvine Cars & Coffee meet as well, but that's up for discussion at a later date.

Local (to San Diego) rental agencies are looking for some astronomical sum of money to lend their beloved AM's for the weekend, something on the order of $1,500-2,000/day. I'm not looking to spend nearly that much, which is why I'm here!

As a bit of background information, I am a 21-year old male from the Dallas, Texas area. I understand that my age will immediately count me out to anyone that may be interested, but read on... I have owned 11 cars, three of which have had in excess of 400whp. We're not talking about Hondas here either... I am a University student that will be entering my 4th year as a Materials Science Engineering undergrad by that time, and am setup with a full-time job and great auto insurance. I have owned, driven, and raced FAST cars, and have _some_ experience behind the wheel of an Aston Martin doing valet work when I was younger.

What I'm getting at through all of this, is that I am not interested in abusing the car in any way shape or form, just looking to hop into something enjoyable for the long weekend, take a cruise up the PCH, and ultimately return to its rightful owner prior to my departure from the airport on Labor Day.

I am looking to accomplish all of this in the $700 range. Obviously I don't expect to hop into a brand new model or even a perfectly immaculate one, but pretty much any AM will be suitable for me. The vehicle will be parked in a hotel garage, and VIP valet'd (under my direct supervision) during any other time.

If anyone reading this is interested, or would like to further discuss details, please e-mail me. My e-mail address is [email protected], and leaving a credit card deposit, insurance info, and/or other credentials will not pose a problem whatsoever.

Thank you for your time,
Brian Hyman
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