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WANTED Headlights DB7 Vantage Left hand drive

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I am looking for a very nice and well kept set of second hand head lights for my DB7 Vantage 2001, left hand drive.
Those I have are full of desert sand inside and scratches on the glass but intact though. If any has got a set for a LEFT HAND DRIVE DB7 I might be interested.
Does any know the easiest way to get the head lights off to exchange or clean them..
Thanks a lot for all help!
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;) Very nice and usefull. Thanks a lot. Another option is to give the head lamps a light clear spray which will remove some of the faded plastic and scratches- all good with yearly inspection. Some mention that head lamps from UK cars can easy be converted as it just turning a knob on the back so mahy options.. Thanks again.
Hi DB7 Vantage - I am a new member and am considering buying a DB7 VV here in Dubai. Can you recommend an agent to maintain such a car?

Kind regards, Ray.
Hi Ray f, I wrote you a private email. Not so many in UAE except the dealer but they are surely not cheap! Muscat could be an option but read your PM (private mail). We are two DB7 up in the Ranches one 6cyl and a 12cyl, one soon for sale.
Keep it away from sun if you can! Even I use mine to work a few times a week, I cover it during day hours just to stay away from this sun and heat of ours..
Kind regards
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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