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What is the DB7 spark plug replacement procedure?

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My newly acquired 7 has just started misfiring, and I'm quite sure it is either a plug or coil. Is the job as daunting as it first appears? I've serviced my own Ferraris and Porsches so I was expecting the job to be no more complex or difficult..Am I wrong? Any advice from one who's replaced plugs before will be greatly appreciated.. Thanks in advance.
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Thanks for that Squid. While 'in there' I also replaced the coils..(used Ford F150 pieces ($92.00 each, and off the shelf NGK plugs at $9.00 each). Your 10 hour estimate was right on. I'm thinking I can do it next time in about 8.
Hi Ray. I'm new and changing plugs/coils of my 2002 DB7. Do you have the Ford F150 part # you used? Thanks!!
Thanks buddy! Will do. Have a great weekend.
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