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What's in your dream garage?

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Here's a simple but fun question. If you had $150k to spend on two weekend fun cars, what would you get?

You can divvy up the $150k anyway you want. They both don't need to be Aston Martins. So a 2006 V8 Vantage coupe and a Lotus Elise could be an option or maybe a 2006 DB9 Volante and a Ferrari F355 coupe.

If you know the color combos and transmission choices, name them as well.

So many interesting combos, I may end up listing more than one response...

I'll have to think about my selection now. Post yours. I am curious what everyone comes up with.
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1) Aston DB7 GT
2) TVR Cerbara 4.5
3) Dodge Viper SR-2 GTS coupe

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