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Which model Vantage to buy?

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I am looking at buying a V8V (my previous car was a Lotus Esprit V8 Turbo) but I am wondering what model to go for. I want a couple but should I buy an 06 as they seem cheap, an 07 with low miles or an 08 for about £5-10k more?
I have a budget of up to £55k but Im hoping to get a very nice car around £45-50k. Can anyone tell me the differences in models over the years and offer any advice. (my email is [email protected])
Also, sport shift or manual?
Many thanks,
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There are some significant improvements from 06 to 07, one of which is the auto with paddle shifters. The interior is also much nicer. Very few upgrades from 07 to 08 (ipod adapter) not sure of much else and you're going to spend $10,000 more for the 08. The 09 has 40 more horses but there are a lot of mods you can perform on the 07 which will give you some significant power.
thanks for the advice. I bought a 2007 model.
Good choice! I think 2007 is the perfect year to buy. Significant depreciation, improvements over the 2006 model and there are plenty of mods available because the car is 4 years old.
The 2007 Looks amazing. What color did you get it in? Any custom work? can you should pics? - you have to give us more details. I only own 1 AM and I love it - cannot wait for the second. However, I may go off kilter on the next car -
Did you consider a V12 Vantage?

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