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Worlds First FULL OBD remap of Aston Martin

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This isnt meant as a "plug" but more of a message of our latest work.

This week we managed to crack the full codes of the Aston Martin ecu's allowing us full data access of the software enabling full custom and live tuning of the Aston Martin's.
We have been tuning them for several companies over the years but until now this has been on a part access only.

Here is a clip of our work.
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It would be nice if you could develop a small utility to enable AM owners to read all OBD functions using the generic ELM237 style chipsets.

I find it hard to get one program to do all functions and end up using several programs to do different tests.

This is only to READ and "NOT" to WRITE.
Interesting...RSC Tuning has had full access tuning capability on the V8 cars for a while now and just recently released a tune for the V12 cars as well.

Your post indicates you've confirmed to have full access to both both show only a Vantage V8...
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